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Raj government decides to increase OBC reservation from 21% to 26%

by RajasthanDirect
Aug 18, 2017
The government has decided to increase OBC reservation from 21% to 26%. For this, the new OBC bill will be brought in the monsoon session. In this bill, OBC will be divided into two pieces. One will have 21% and the other will have 5% reservation. Five percent of the benefits of five percent will be given to 5 castes including Gurjar. This formula was agreed between the government and the Gujjar Reservation Conflict Committee

The OBC Commission has considered OBC population to be more than 54 percent. Some agencies considered it as 62 percent after joining the OBC in Jat Society in 1998. On this basis, the state government will prepare the draft of the increase in OBC reservation.
If OBC reservation is 26%, the total reservation in the state will be 54%. Gujars were given 5% reservation three times. Every time the court dismisses it.
If the new OBC Act was challenged by someone in the court, then it was decided to arrest him. The only difference would be that this time 81 castes of OBCs will also be affected with Gujjars.

Source from : bhaskar

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