Rajasthan Lok Sabha Election 2014

Rajasthan lok sabha elections 2014 will be held shortly by election commission of India. 2014 Lok Sabha Elections dates in Rajasthan will be announced election commission of India. Rajasthan 16th Lok Sabha election 2014 witness major fight in all 25 lok sabha seats. Read all the latest 2014 lok sabha election news of Rajasthan. All the latest happening in the lok sabha election of Rajasthan. Get latest lok sabha 2014 election updates of different parties of Rajasthan. Find all lok sabha election 2014 news of Rajasthan.

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Inspiring Words by Ajmer Dargah Head ” Vote as a Indian”

Published on: 16 Apr, 2014

Saiyad Zainul Abedin Ali Khan the religious head of Ajmer Dargha Sharif told people to vote without any fear , vote for country and dont come under the false talks of the political parties. ...

Rajasthan Polling to Began From 17th April

Published on: 16 Apr, 2014

Lok Sabha Election polls in Rajasthan will be held in two phases one on 17th April and other on 24 th of April 2014 which will decide the fate of about 320 candidates and 25 Lok Sabha Seats ...

Major Election Parties Still on caste and religion politics

Published on: 15 Apr, 2014

This year also for Lok Sabha Election 2014 polls both the major parties of India congress and bjp have been on the way to caste politics in order to get votes and to win the elections. It se...

Lakhs Of Rajasthan NRI’s will not be able to Vote for LS elections

Published on: 14 Apr, 2014

NRI ‘s from Rajasthan since October have been demanding facility through internet to caste their vote for LS elections 2014, but it seems that they will not be able to cast their vote ...

38,000 polling booths for the first phase of LS Elections in the State

Published on: 14 Apr, 2014

First phase of the Rajasthan LS election will be on 17th of April for which election commission has set up about 38,000 polling booths.The polling booths have been set up in 20 constituencie...

Drugs and Liquor Seized by Election Team in Rajasthan

Published on: 07 Apr, 2014

With the upcoming Lok Sabha Election in the country the Election committee and police staff have been fielded due to bribes and transfer of drug and liquor to people in return of votes. Duri...

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