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Royal Bengal Tiger will soon join Jaipur Zoo

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 21, 2013

A Royal Bengal Tiger will soon be joining Jaipur Zoo. The tiger is being brought from Bhopal Zoo under an exchange programme for which a tigress from Jaipur Zoo has been sent to Bhopal.

Interestingly, there was no male tiger at Jaipur zoo since 2011. Jaipur Zoo is located within Ram Niwas Garden.The exchange programme has been started with due permission of the Central Zoo Authority (CZA), which issued directions in this regard.

“The tigress was sent today via road to Bhopal. On Friday, the team accompanying the tigress will reach Jaipur with a tiger,” said Ajay Gupta, DFO Jaipur Zoo. Meanwhile, the nine-year-old tigress, Gauri, will be a part of the captive tiger breeding programme at Bhopal Zoo.

Following the captive breeding programme, the Jaipur Zoo will also conduct tiger breeding which was on a halt for the last two years in absence of a male tiger. Interestingly, the zoo had four tigresses. The tigress was taken in an especially-designed cage in which it covered the 650 kms between Jaipur and Bhopal.

“The tigress is being taken as a part of interstate exchange programme. It was ensured that the animal does not come under stress during the journey,” said Dr Arvind Mathur, veterinary doctor accompanying the tigress.

“Throughout the journey, we were closely monitoring the animal for any sign of stress. It was given buffalo and chicken meat, which it readily consumed and showed no signs of trouble. We have checked it medically and all her vitals are normal. Our prime focus was on comforting the animal so that it does not get stressed or shocked during the transportation,” the doctor said.

src: Daily Bhaskar

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