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Around 51,803 licensed arms deposited by electoral offices in Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Oct 30, 2013

Around 51,803 licensed arms have been recalled by District administrations from across the state till October 21 on the directives of the state election commission. This is the biggest deposition of legal arms by the citizens ahead of the assembly elections. Sources said all legislators who have licensed arms have submitted them at their respective district electoral office.

“The commission is expecting submission of pending licensed arms before the polling day and are working in tandem with the police to ensure that cent percent arms are in custody,” said Dinesh Mathur, spokesperson of the state election commission.

Sources informed that the maximum number of deposition of arms comes from the Jaipur. The commission felt that it’s a good step by the licensed arms holders who have shown urgency in discharging their mandatory duty.

The police in across the state have cracked down on criminals and anti-social elements and confiscated 272 illegal weapons. The number of illegal arms confiscation is expected to shoot up soon as almost everyday police in some part of the state are recovering illegal arms. In a similar manner, police have also seized explosives and liquor.

To keep elections free from violence, preventive cases have been registered against 70,221 people under sections 107 and 116 of the CrPC. “Most of these bound elements are criminals holding dubious distinctions in creating ruckus during earlier elections,” an election official said, adding that police are keeping vigil on these elements and will booked them with harsh sections if they were found on the other side of the law.

Police have also issued non-bailable warrants against 15, 213 criminals as a precautionary measure. The outstanding number of such warrants is over 70,000 for habitual criminals.

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