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Chani a village girl wins over panchayat diktat

by RajasthanDirect
Jun 29, 2013

A 19-year-old girl Chani who was pressurised by the caste panchayat of her village to get married, has come out victorious after the caste panchayat withdrew its decision to boycott the family.

The resident of Bhuka Bhagatsingh village who earlier stood against the caste panchayat also withdrew her case after the abandonment of the decision. Chaini had gone against the caste panchayat and approached the police after her family was boycotted. On her complaint Barmer superintendent of police (SP) Rahul Bareth had directed the concerned police station to ensure her security.

Earlier, in her complaint she mentioned that three years ago her father had got her engaged with Varjaram, resident of Hodu village of Sindhary, against her will. She alleged that since some time her would be in-laws were forcing her family for marriage. Chaini mentioned in her complaint that she didn’t want to get married and wanted to study further. She also alleged that her fiancé is an alcoholic with many other bad habits.

The complaint also mentioned that after her denial to get married, some members of the caste panchayat of her village forced her father to get her married to Varjaram. According to Chaini her father also supported her and denied the order. It was then that the caste panchayat took the decision to boycott her family. After caste panchyat’s decision, Chaini filed the case and also demanded security of her family.

Investigating officer of the case and in-charge of Sindhary police station Sahdev said that after receiving her complaint they filed a case and started the investigation but now the case has been withdrawn. Meanwhile, Chani’s father Junjharam has said that they are not facing pressure any more.

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