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Youth shot 18 year old girl in Dholpur

by RajasthanDirect
Jun 02, 2013

An 18-year-old girl was shot dead by a youth who then tried to commit suicide at the former’s house in Dholpur district’s Badi town on Saturday afternoon. The girl died on the spot while the youth, who sustained bullet injuries on his forehead, is undergoing treatment.

The girl’s father has registered an FIR against the youth alleging that he entered the house with an intention of robbery and fired at the girl who confronted him. However, police suspect that they might have been into a relationship that went sour over something which resulted in the incident.

According to the police, the incident occurred in Malakpara area in Badi town around 1 pm. “It has come up during preliminary investigation that 20-year-old Manish Kumar who runs a grocery shop and lives in the neighbourhood of the girl, Priti Kumari, used to frequently visit her house. The girl and the youth are from different castes,” said circle officer Prakash Chand.

Priti was a second year college student pursuing Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. The officer said that the girl was alone on the ground floor of her house, while her aunt and grandmother on the first floor when Manish entered her room around 1pm. Girl’s father Rakesh Tamoli was at his shop in the town.

“Neighbours, grandmother and the aunt heard gun shots and rushed to her room. They found the girl in a pool of blood. She sustained three bullet injuries on her back, while one on her head. She died on the spot,” said the officer.

The officer said that Manish was also lying unconscious. “He had sustained bullet injuries on her forehead. The family members informed the police following which a team was rushed there. Prima-facie, it appeared that Manish first fired repeatedly at the girl and then turned the weapon on himself,” said the officer.

The officer said that an investigation has been launched. “The father alleged that Manish had entered with an intention of robbery. However, when his daughter confronted him, he fired at her. However, it doesn’t explain why he shot himself,” said the officer.

Manish is under treatment at a hospital in UP’s Agra town. His condition is stated to be critical.

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