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Woman scientific approach add value to life of farmers in Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 18, 2013

Sarla Lakhawat from Ajmer is a woman who changed the life of farmers of backward region of Baran district with her scientific approach to add value to garlic using non-conventional energy resources. The garlic of this region is now in demand in New Zealand and Singapore. Sarla recently received the Swami Sahajanand Sarswati outstanding extension scientist award along with a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh from the President.

She was warmly welcomed on Wednesday when she returned from Delhi with the honor.

Born and brought up in Ajmer, Sarla chose home science and entered the teaching profession, “I went to Baran for research work and found that farmers would sow garlic and keep the produce in stores for long periods. After some time, the value of the garlic reduced which was then sold at very cheap rates,” added Sarla.

She did some research and used solar dryer to add value to garlic, “I worked with the KVK technology unit of Anta block of Baran,” added Sarla. There was a demand for this garlic abroad and, therefore, its export was started.

Sarla also found malnutrition was prevalent among women and children of Sahariya tribes in Baran. So she did research on soya bean and discovered the essence of soya, “This soya sattu is highly suitable for diabetic patients, growing children, pregnant and lactating women, people have accepted it as a wholesome food and are willing to include it in their regular diet,” Sarla added.

Sarla is now posted in Udaipur and wants to work on women issues and resolve their problems with local techniques.

While working in this remote and backward district of the state, Sarla also initiated self-help groups of women and 350 SHGs were formed in different villages of Baran. “We have extended our technique to more than 350 self-help groups of rural women, using our technique they are earning about 20 times more by adding value to their agricultural produce, she said. These groups have become self-supporting and are earning about 60,000 to 70,000 per month.

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