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Swaraj University innovative program to become a Khoji

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 03, 2013

Swaraj University is hosting an open Orientation Program on the Basics of Self-Designed Learning on July 6-7, 2013 at Tapovan Ashram, Naya Kheda, Udaipur. The program will give tips about how one can take his/her education into their own hands. It is open for youth from age 18-30 and no previous degree or diploma is required.

Swaraj University is an innovative educational attempt to understand and awaken to the depth of life, nature and learning. Community living, ecological sustainability, healthy living, social justice are the main pillars of Swaraj University.

Here, the learners call themselves ‘Khoji’ (a Hindi word for explorers/seekers). Unlike formal education system, where the learners have to fit themselves into already crafted compartments and structures, here the learners have the freedom to design their own curriculum –right from finding their interest area to finding their mentors to learn from.

Rahul Hasija, a khoji, says, “This is a very exciting university. We, the students, get to decide what we want to learn, when, and from whom. We get to work on our real dreams and talents.”

Alternative education, film-making, theatre, arts and crafts, naturo-therapy, creative writing, healthy cooking, eco-architecture and eco-design, environmental activism, and organic farming are a few of the areas of exploration of khojis. There are more than 200 faculty mentors in the network of Swaraj University who provide technical skills and motivation to the young khojis.

Three of the khojis – Sachin, Ritesh, Aviral – have recently started a group named ‘Tinka’ through which they will exhibit their eco-friendly crafts and jewelry at different places.

Ravi, another khoji, has started a community centre called ‘Udaan’ at Badgaon, Udaipur for the rag-picker children to learn livelihood skills and improve their understanding of community living.

It is an attempt of Swaraj University to find real freedom, happiness and success. To know more about Swaraj University, one can attend the orientation program on 6th and 7th July 2013.

src: http://www.udaipurtimes.com/become-a-khoji-swaraj-university-orientation-on-july-6-7-2013/

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