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SRK in Jodhpur for Nerolac Paints Ad Shoot with a 50-feet long umbrella

by RajasthanDirect
Aug 03, 2013

Passersby in the towns of Allepey in Kerala and Jodhpur in Rajasthan were recently surprised when they spotted a group of people with a 50-feet long umbrella in their neighbourhood. A few hours later, they realised this was for a shoot — the making of a new TVC for Nerolac Paints, a brand that Shah Rukh Khan endorses. The brand has also associated with the actor’s film ‘Chennai Express’.

The ad is a visual treat as it moves back and forth between the two locations, highlighting their rustic beauty as well as the extreme climatic conditions that they face during the year. Melodious music has been included in the ad to make it connect with the audience.

In both cities, giant umbrellas are unfurled on rooftops, on the instructions of the owners, to protect them from the harsh weather. All the pedestrians look flabbergasted at this — a kind of weird idea that they have never seen before.

The final unfurling scene is witnessed by many spectators, including SRK, who says that houses that aren’t painted with Nerolac Excel need additional protection against weather, while those using the brand don’t need anything extra.

We got our hands on some of the pictures from the TVC, which show the giant umbrella being carried around on a snake boat through the backwaters of Kerala. In another scene, a group is seen carrying it around the dingy lanes of Rajasthan.

The idea behind creating such a story for the ad was to focus on Nerolac Excel, a paint from the brand with Weather Defense Formula that is made from Kansai’s Japanese technology and can endure extreme weather.

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