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Sonia in Sikar rally: Congress led Rajasthan in developing path

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 28, 2013

UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi claims that Rajasthan was a backward state at the time of Independence and now among fastest developing states in India. Speaking at an election rally at Sikar’s district stadium, Sonia said “I am proud that the maximum contribution in bringing Rajasthan to this stage was that of Congress”.

She then listed the several schemes launched by the Centre and the state governments led by Congress to support her claim. Interest-free crop schemes, loan waivers and highest support prices for foodgrains were emphasised, while a new land acquisition Act, free medicines and pension schemes for the elderly, widows and handicapped were called “revolutionary”.

“Despite these achievements, some people (BJP leaders) make baseless allegations against our great leaders and the party, spread rumours about our schemes and make fun of them,” Sonia told the gathering.

Urging people to do a comparison, the Congress chief said, “When these (BJP) people come to you seeking votes, do ask them where they were missing for the past five years. What did they do during the five years when they were in power in the state (2003-2008)? Did they provide free medicine to anyone, care for the poor’s hunger or felt the common man’s pain?”

Accusing BJP of misleading people, Sonia said, “By creating doubts among you they might succeed in grabbing power, but without a feeling to serve, they will never be able to win your hearts.”

She said the UPA government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh allocated funds to all states without discrimination and praised the Gehlot government for utilising these with “full honesty”. Among UPA achievements Sonia mentioned schemes like RTI, MGNREGA, Food security and new Land Acquisition Act to ensure proper compensation to farmers.

It was the Congress chief’s last election rally in the state before the assembly elections scheduled on coming Sunday. Departing from her usual schedule at such rallies, Sonia went around greeting the people first around the barricades and then climbed the car to greet the many others who were atop the stadium’s boundary walls. In fact, most of the people left the stadium without realising that she was still greeting people.

Earlier, she began her address recognising the Shekhawati region‘s contribution to the Armed Forces and underlined the local’s good understanding of politics.

src: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/26497777.cms

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