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RHB imposes new law tax on housing scheme allottees

by RajasthanDirect
Jan 22, 2014

Rajasthan Housing Board (RHB) has now decided to impose a new tax on the allottees of the upcoming group housing schemes.

This time the RHB will burden its allottees with law tax as a fee for fighting cases. The board has set a different slab for all three categories that is lower income group (LIG), middle income group (MIG) and higher income group (HIG).

This will be an additional burden as the board recently started levying administration charges and doubled the amount for issuing allotment letters. Even, the allottees are forced to pay service tax.

A senior official said, “So far, the RHB had to bear the fees for cases related to land acquisition for developing a housing scheme. Now this will be added in allotment letters, which will be paid by owners.”

As per the orders, the board has decided to charge Rs 200 from economically weaker section (EWS) , Rs 300 from LIG , Rs 500 from MIG (A) , Rs 1000 from MIG (B) and Rs 2,000 from HIG category as law tax. For institutional category Rs 10,000 will be charged, while for commercial allotment up to 100 square meter Rs 1,000 and above 100 square meter Rs 5,000 will be charged.

Sitaram Pareek, an allotee, said “This will certainly affect the sale of RHB flats as they are getting costly day by day. It is government duty to appoint a lawyer at their cost as common man has nothing to do with this. We are already paying so many taxes to take possession of a house in RHB scheme.”

In recent past, delay in housing projects and constant increase in prices have discouraged many buyers from purchasing flats in the housing schemes of RHB. The number of applications received by the board for HIG and MIG is quite less than the proposed flats. However, LIG and EWS continue to be the buyers of these houses schemes.

In schemes proposed in Pratap Nagar and Sanganer, the RHB is not able to attract HIG and MIG buyers. An official source said the major reason buyers were not interested in RHB flats is the increase in cost. “In the last two years, the construction cost has been raised by more than 30%. For instance, cost of MIG (B) category flats has gone up by Rs 7-8 lakh. A flat which was priced at Rs 25 lakh is approximately Rs 33 lakhs now,” the source said.

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