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RAS aspirants allege foul play at exam centre

by RajasthanDirect
Oct 26, 2013

Alleging foul play in the Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS) exam held today, candidates created a ruckus at a centre in Rajasthan’s Dausa district and allegedly took away 29 question papers.

Candidates claimed that the question paper was opened before the scheduled time in two rooms of the centre, whereas aspirants seated in other rooms were distributed papers after half an hour.

“After distribution of the question papers with a delay of nearly half an hour, some candidates complained about wrong serial numbers in OMR sheets.

“Minutes later they created ruckus and some of them fled outside the centre with papers and OMR sheets,” a police officer said.

He said that hundreds of aspirants tried to block a road and protested against the centre (a private college) authorities and demanded more time for the exam.

They were given additional time by the centre.

Twenty-nine papers were found missing after the exam was over, he said.

Eight persons, were held under section 151 of CrPC (Arrest to prevent the commission of cognisable offences) for disturbing peace, the police official said.

Secretary of Rajasthan Public Service Commission – Ajmer, K K Pathak, said the commission will take a decision with regard to the examination on Monday.

“A member of the commission visited the centre after the incident to probe into the matter.

“FIR against those guilty will be lodged and decision with regard to the fate of the exam will be taken in a meeting on Monday,” he added.

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