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Rajasthan Heritage Week to promote handmade fabrics

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 21, 2015

The Khadi Board and the Rajasthan government, in association with Prasad Bidapa Associates, announced the launch of the three-day event that will start on December 3 in Jaipur. The event will highlight modern luxury and beauty of heritage.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje said: "The Rajasthan Heritage Week is part of the textile development programme that reaffirms our commitment to the traditional textile weavers of our State, who have tirelessly worked to continue the legacy of our forefathers.

“Their vibrant work and age-old techniques combine to form a superb product that adds to the image and perception of Rajasthan.

“From the weavers of the stunningly beautiful Kota Doria sarees and saafas to the thousands of textile weavers, printers, dyers and artisans who give Rajasthan its unique identity and vibrancy, we are committed to the promotion of our textiles and crafts to a global audience.”

“We have now engaged leading national and international designers to work with our weavers in building the brand of ‘Handmade in Rajasthan’,” she said.

“We are determined to give our Khadi and handloom the tag of luxury, which it very rightly deserves. Every piece of fabric woven by hand represents the spirituality of the fabric of freedom, a Gandhian philosophy that should now create increased employment, success and a better quality of life for every artisan in our state.”

The event will feature a host of top designers from India and abroad including Ritu Kumar, Bibi Russel, Abraham and Thakore and Hemant Trivedi who have worked alongside award-winning artisans to showcase their intricate designs and artistry using heritage fabrics.

Russell, who has been working constantly with Rajasthan’s weavers and artisans said: “The Rajasthan Heritage Week is a project which is close to my heart. In Rajasthan, I have had the privilege of working with Khadi, Kota and other crafts. Surely through this initiative all the local artisans will get a better opportunity to show their unique talent nationally and globally.”

Prasad Bidapa, the organiser and chief creative director of the project, is excited.

“The Rajasthan Heritage Week is a unique perspective that integrates the traditional textile arts of the state with the most talented designers in India and abroad. In the same way that the Irish made a global Statement with their linen, India needs to brand its Khadi and handloom masterpieces and position them as true luxury that is rare and unique.”

The focus of the Rajasthan Heritage Week will be to showcase the versatility of the heritage fabrics to buyers across India and abroad, in the form of modern and fashionable silhouettes, well suited for every occasion.

Source from : timesofindia.

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