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PM launches ‘Soil Health Card Scheme’

by RajasthanDirect
Feb 20, 2015

On Thursday the prime minister of India Narender Modi launched centrally-sponsored nationwide ‘Soil Health Card(SHC)’ scheme for farmers at a function held in Suratgarh Palika ground in Rajasthan.

‘Water is the gift of God for us and if we waste it then it’s a big sin" Pm said on the Occasion.
The Prime Minister also said that when he was CM of Gujarat, he were provide the Narmada water to Rajasthan also. 

He said My aim is to change the workings and old system of Goverment.

For this scheme of soil health card Pm Said " Farmers across the country to benefit from the scheme is the motive of the Goverment".

Src:- http://www.rajasthannews1.com/2015/02/narendra-modi-launched-soil-health-card-in-rajasthan.html

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