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PETA stops elephant fight in Jaipur Elephant Festival

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 25, 2013

People For Ethical Treatment To Animals (PETA) have yet again come to the rescue of the giant tusker in Jaipur.

Apprehending that the elephants could be mistreated, at the elephant festival to be held on March 26 at Rambagh polo ground, other NGOs too have sought intervention of the authorities including PETA.

In the wake of these demands, the department of tourism reportedly clarified that there would be no elephant polo and elephants would be brought to the venue only for exhibition purposes.

On an earlier occasion when supermodel Naomi Campbell had tried to organise such an event for his billionaire boyfriend’s birthday, it was cancelled on intervention by PETA and other NGOs citing similar reason.

src: Daily Bhaskar

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