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Panchayat in Bikaner imposes cash penalty on consuming liquor and animal hunt

by RajasthanDirect
Feb 07, 2013

A village Panchayat in Bikaner district has ordered the imposition of cash penalty for consumption of liquor and hunting animals.

During a meeting in Sinjguru Panchayat in Nokha tehsil on Wednesday, the panchayat unanimously decided to impose cash penalty ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 11,000 on those who consume liquor as well as killing animals.

If anyone is found selling liquor in the village, which has no such shop, the offender will have to pay a penalty of Rs 11,000, Deputy Sarpanch Balu Singh said.

A penalty of Rs 5,100 would have to be paid if a person is found hunting an animal or bird, he said.

It was also decided to make people aware about sanitation and other developmental issues.

src: Zee News

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