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New Marriage Garden Policy by Jaipur Development Authority

by RajasthanDirect
May 28, 2014

Jaipur Development Authority has issued a new policy for marriage garden in the city in which the marriage gardens will have to embark 40% area for parking to avoid traffic congestion in the area.

The decision was taken in a meeting of the building planning committee on Monday. An official present in the meeting said, “At present, JDA does not have any policy for marriage gardens. Soon, the policy will be drafted and marriage garden owners have to adhere to it.”

Officials added that the parameters will be decided after a study, however, in the meeting it was discussed that marriage gardens running in plot size of 10,000 sq meter, 15,000 sq meter and 25,000 meter should at least have 40% parking space. Also, permission to a marriage garden should be given only if it has 18-meter road in front of it.

Other than this, in the meeting it was also decided that the maps of the plot size equal to or less than 1000 square meter will be approved at zone level . To expedite the process, JDA has also decided that zones can approve the maps of building’s height up to 15 meters. Also, sub-division and reconstitution of plots up to 1000 square meter can be approved by zone offices.

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