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Modi attack congress, woos tribals in Mewar

by RajasthanDirect
Oct 27, 2013

True to his style of interactive speeches, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Saturday took the audience of the state BJP’s Scheduled Tribe wing’s meet to storm.

Lashing out at everybody from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to chief minister Ashok Gehlot and Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi to the CBI, Modi did not spare anybody. He termed Gandhi’s speeches as family serials; described Gehlot as untrustworthy and Manmohan Singh as weak – attacking and criticizing the Congress at the Centre and the state.

Modi, addressing the first of the series of public rallies in states where election dates are announced, reminded the public of the good work of the previous BJP government and sought votes – for himself and the party’s chief ministerial candidate in the state Vasundhara Raje.

Without naming Rahul Gandhi, Modi mentioned how the ‘shehzada’ had come visiting Rajasthan recently. “Everybody in Congress is trying to comprehend what he said then. Neither is the writer sure nor is the speaker. All are troubled by what he had said,” said Modi, mocking Gandhi’s Wednesday speech in Churu and Alwar.

“Family serials like ‘Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ do well on television. I guess the shehzada is inspired by them. His speeches are more like them, where all he talks about is family,” said the Gujarat chief minister in his speech at the overcrowded Maharana Bhupal Stadium. Lashing out further, he said, “I wondered from where did this reference of ISI and Muzaffarnagar youngsters come and did my own digging. I was told that one of the police officers in Rajasthan, who is seeking a Congress ticket, had met him and briefed him about this. In turn, he shared this with the whole world,” said Modi, alleging that Gandhi was spreading ‘teachings of communalism’. “Would you want to put the country in his hands,” he asked the crowd.

Lashing out at the Ashok Gehlot government for communal clashes in the state, Modi brought up the observations of the Human Rights Commission, Minorities Commission, the Supreme Court and high court against the state government. “Even the shehzada does not trust Gehlot or the state government here. If he would have faith in them, he would not have sneaked into Gopalgarh without telling anybody. What did he do there – rode on a stolen bike and was pillion rider to a man whose reputation everybody knows,” he said. He added that in the last five years, 25 cases of communal violence and 80 cases of communal tension were recorded in the state, which had also led to innocents being killed.

Taking further digs at the Congress, he said the state governor, who comes from the same party, had criticized the state government’s poor work in tribal area welfare. “Would you place your trust on the person and the government which is found untrustworthy by all including people of their own party?” said Modi.

Trashing the state government, he said, “In a democratic set-up, one goes to the state government to get complaints resolved. In this state, can any woman visit a minister without being worried of her security? And when the ministers are themselves involved in such crimes, can a government ensure security to women?”

Mentioning the CBI case against leader of opposition in the Rajasthan Assembly Gulab Chand Kataria, Modi alleged that the Congress out of fear of losing elections went on to misuse the investigating agency. “Not just Kataria, they plan to target Raje too,” he claimed.

Referring to the allegations against the PM’s office by a senior government officer where the CBI has not reacted, he said: “It seems frozen. If it was Raje, Modi, Shivraj Singh or Raman Singh who were accused, the CBI would not have wasted a minute in arresting us. They misuse the CBI for political gains. People in Delhi, be warned. You have not more than 6 months or 200 days,” he cautioned.

He accused the Congress government of not checking inflation and high onion prices. “People in Delhi are not aware about ground realities. The production of onions dropped by 5 %, the prices have increased by 150%,” he said. Modi said the Congressmen failed to check inflation as their eyes were dazzled by coal, 2G and gold. He added rather than giving an account of their achievements, the Congress was busy blaming the BJP.

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