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Migratory Birds Arrival Delays Due to scanty rainfall in Bharatpur

by RajasthanDirect
Sep 15, 2014

This time due to scanty rainfall in Bharatpur area of Rajasthan the migratory birds haven’t arrives yet which have raise a serious concern for the famous Keoladeo National Park and Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur.

“This season, Keoladeo National Park has not received much water. By August 31, the park needed nearly 250 million cubic feet (mcft) water for larvae, fish and other prey for the birds to develop or grow ahead of the migratory season,” said a senior forest official. For more than a decade now, Siberian cranes have given the Keoladeo National Park a miss. Due to shortage of water and insufficient feed, more birds may skip Keoladeo, he feared.

Earlier, a little over 40 mcft of water was received from the Chambal River but Keoladeo National Park needs 550 mcft of water to support resident and migratory species throughout winter. “The pumps that bring Chambal’s water run only three or four hours a day whereas there is an urgent need for pumping water 24 hours for at least 15 days in a month,” said an official in the park.

A shocking role reversal has occurred in Keoladeo Park– one that has drastically altered the food chain and even state forest department seems to be clueless on how to deal with this problem. Catfish was introduced outside the park in 2006-07 to provide additional livelihood opportunities to locals. It has now turned a predator in the park and swallowing birds.

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