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Man arrested with explosives in Dausa

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 09, 2015

On Thursday Dausa Police arrested a man with Explosive. According to Dausa distrct police, a man named Chhotu singh has been arrested with explosives used in illegal mining in Dausa district.

Police said that Chhotu Singh was transporting 14 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in 280 bags with detonators, safety fuse wire and gelatin rods in a truck.

He was caught near Khairwara turn in Dausa district.

“The accused is being questioned on the source of the explosives, used in illegal mining.

The destination or where the material was to be delivered is also being probed,” police added.

Src: http://www.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/man-arrested-with-explosives-in-rajasthan-115030500806_1.html.

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