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Lady Gaga impersonator entertains Jaipur people

by RajasthanDirect
Feb 19, 2013

A routine Sunday afternoon at the Jaipur Polo grounds turned into quite an eventful affair for polo regulars, when they witnessed an ‘exclusive’ performance by, who most believed to be, Lady Gaga!

While the unexpected rain over the weekend led to a low turnout and an exhibition match was played instead of the final match of the Garcha Northern India Championship, in the last seconds of the play, the audience’s attention turned to four bare-chested men who walked towards the VIP lounge holding a palki.

While Col KS Garcha, the host of the event, took the mike and announced a surprise, a vision in gold and sky-high heels walked towards the ground. The outfit and Poker Face playing in the background had everyone get up and ask, ‘is that really her’? When she started to sing to Poker Face, the people, still awestruck, were heard saying, “Arre, Lady Gaga ki toh surgery hai, how can she be here?” while still making videos on their phones and cheering.

Her dance moves and expressions were identical to Gaga’s, but ironically, her voice on the mike was completely out of sync with the recorded song playing in the background. This ‘Lady Gaga’ ended her act with a loud ‘I love you India’.

When questioned, the organizers changed their stance from “Yes, that is Lady Gaga!” to “well, she was a surprise and the guests can believe whoever they want her to be” and finally, to “I don’t know who she was.” But Karen, the official event organizer, spilled the beans after much hesitation, “She is a famous international act. But if you really want a name, that was Donna Marie, the official Lady Gaga impersonator and tributante.” While guests continued their discussions in the post-match get together, Karen and the ‘tributante’ made a quick exit. Didn’t want any more questions, eh?

src: TOI

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