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Jodhpur: labourer donates lands for charity

by RajasthanDirect
Jan 29, 2015

In Jodhpur Rajasthan a laborer named Shakur Mohammad has proved that you need not to be very rich if you want to do charity. The only thing which you need is a big heart for helping others..

Shakur Mohammad, a 62-year-old who works as a daily wage labourer, had acquired six plots of land in 1984 for Rs.4,000. Now, he has donated three plots of land valued at over Rs.1 crore ($163,000) at current rates for setting up a hospital, a madrasa and a masjid and is to donate another plot for establishing a diagnostic laboratory.

Each of these plots is of 150 square yards and is today worth not less than Rs.25 lakh each. Mohammad has given the remaining two plots to his two daughters.

“Since then I started this exercise of donating land. Though I am uneducated, I want children of my community to study and so I donated another piece of land that I owned for setting up a madrasa and now work is going on there,”Mohammad Said .

“On a third plot I am trying to construct a masjid for which I seek donations as I do not have funds,” he said. Mohammad says that after donating land for the hospital i became very setisfied and happy.

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