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JDA short of finances derailing biggest housing scheme at Ninder

by RajasthanDirect
Aug 22, 2013

Cash-strapped Jaipur Development Authority’s (JDA) biggest housing scheme at Ninder is staring at an uncertain future as the civic body has failed to tie up funds required to pay up the land owners whose land had been acquired for the project.

This is the first such project for which the JDA is acquiring land from private owners who all want cash compensation. The state government has recently approved the civic body’s estimate of Rs 580 crore required to compensate owners who are demanding money in lieu of the land.

“So far only 25% of the land owners have been compensated. Moreover, the process of compensation has stalled in absence of funds. We were expecting to launch the scheme by the end of 2013. But it will be delayed now,” said a source

The land owners who do not want cash compensation will be allotted 25% of the developed area in the scheme. In December 2010, the JDA had proposed this scheme on 1,100 bigha at Ninder on Sikar Road for which the authority had to acquire 900 bighas from the private owners. The government has allotted around 200 bigha for the scheme.

Sources said it would still be a challenge for the authorities to take possession of the land as many farmers in the area are protesting. “It was proposed that the scheme will have 10,000 houses and it is 20 km away from Ajmeri Gate. However, this looks nearly impossible to take possession of the land without using force,” said an official.

Sources even claimed the JDA made a mistake by launching such a big colony on a private land. People are unwilling to give their land for the developing colony.

The government had tried to experiment launching a big housing project acquiring private land for the first time, which seems to be a failure. Looking at the protests in Ring road project and other states like Noida, the Rajasthan government is taking the land acquisition matter sensitively. “The unresolved land acquisition issues between the state and the farmers in the ongoing Ring road project has already taken serious turn as farmers have turned violent many a time,” he added.

Jatin Chaudhary, a land owner, said, “Around 40% of the owners have developed colonies on the land. In such scenario, it would be difficult for existing residents.”

Due to financial crunch, the JDA is struggling to fund its own development projects hampering development in the city. The JDA’s extension of financial assistance to a long list of bodies have thrown its balance sheet our of gear. As per the state government’s directions, the JDA had to pay approximately Rs 600 crore to various bodies in the financial year 2012-13. The list includes Rs 86.5 crore to the Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) and Rs 123 crore to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). Similarly, the JDA made a payment of Rs 249 crore for the construction of five Railway over Bridges ( ROB) and Rs 71 crore was given to Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (RUIDP).

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