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JDA seeking govt nod for vertical growth in Jaipur

by RajasthanDirect
May 18, 2013

The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) is all set to provide relaxations in norms for multi-storey buildings that is expected to provide benefit to the big developers in the city. A proposal for amendments in the building bylaws has been sent to the state government.

According to the proposal, multi-storey buildings on a plot size of 1,000 sq metre to 2,500 sq metre with height up to 30 metre to 40 metre can be constructed after leaving 9 metre setback. However, according to existing building bylaws, for a 30 metre to 35 metre-high building, the developer has to leave 11 metre setback area, while for 35 metre to 40 metre-high buildings, 12 metre setback area is required.

“If the proposal for amendments gets a nod from the state government, a developer will get 3 metre extra area construct in a 40 meter high building. This will benefit commercial complexes in the city,” a source in the JDA said.

A senior official at theurban development and housing (UDH) department said, “The proposal for amendments sent by the JDA is being critically examined. ”

Officials explained that the amendments in the building bylaws are required to motivate the developers to construct multi-storey buildings as in other cities.

Recently, in an amendment to the bylaws, the JDA has allowed unlimited floor area ratio (FAR) for buildings on 60 metre-wide roads. The amendment comes at a time when the city is gasping for space and therefore skyscrapers are the only solution for town planners for accommodating more people at a cheaper cost. Also, the amendment has been made especially to save agriculture land near the city.

“Agriculture land is the only thing which are not replaced after constructions have been made. With population swelling manifold, an amendment is required to promote vertical growth as this is only viable option and is even cost effective. This will also help save whatever agriculture land is left, ” a town planner said.

As per current bylaws, on a 200 feet or 60-metre road, a developer can construct building only up to a height of 300 feet which means a 30-storey building can be constructed at the most. “So far, no developer has applied for unlimited FAR. However, there are three developers who have applied to take clearance for constructing building up to 30 meters (90 feet),” the town planner added.

The new bylaws now invite developers for constructing tall buildings on existing wide roads in the city. JLN Marg, the city’s most vital road has been divided into three sections for the purpose. From Ramniwas Bagh to Indra Circle, a developer can construct building up to 20 metre (60 feet), Indra Circle to Malviya Nagar ( RoB) 30 metre (90 feet) and from Malviya Nagar ( RoB) to Jawahar Circle, the height permission will be given as per mentioned in the JDA pervious building bylaws.

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