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Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) 2012 Will Have A Diamond Theme

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 11, 2012

The theme for the 10th edition of¬†Jaipur Jewellery Show¬†(JJS) 2012 will be ‘Diamond Jewellery – Jaipur Adds Colour to It’. Preparations for this B2B and B2C show at Hotel Rajmahal Palace between December 22 and 25 are in full swing.

The theme reflects the favourable trends towards diamonds and diamond jewellery.

According to the convener of the show, Vimal Chand Surana, every two years JJS has a new theme which reflects the prowess of Jaipur in that particular area.

Which is why in the past 10 years, the themes have been related to emerald, tanzanite and Kundan Meena. Making the show theme-based enables products to get publicity mileage in India and abroad.

Rajiv Jain, secretary, JJS said, “The selection of theme highlights the speciality of Jaipur and provides a platform for national and international marketing.”

src: TOI


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