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Indo-Israel ties profits in agriculture and water sector in Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 08, 2013

During his two-day visit to Jaipur, ambassador of Israel, Alon Ushpiz, laid the foundation stone for an Indo-Israel Centre of Excellence (CoE) for pomegranate in Bassi. Earlier in the day, Ushpiz met chief minister Ashok Gehlot and discussed with him ways to enhance cooperation between Israel and Rajasthan, in the fields of agriculture and water.

“In Israel 75% of the water used in agriculture is treated sewage re-cycled. Israel and Rajasthan face similar crisis and I discussed Israeli technology with the CM to counter water shortage. We believe in a holistic water management approach utilizing technology,” said the ambassador.

In agriculture, three Indo-Israel CoEs are at various stages of development in Rajasthan, for transfer and adaptation of Israeli technologies and know-how to farmers in the state. “The idea behind this is to use applied research to solve farmer’s problems, introduce new technology that is cost effective, believe in the uniqueness of a place and design to increase productivity,” said Ushpiz.

“The experiment here is just in the initial stages and would take some time to bear fruit. In Haryana near Karnal, it has been some time and the center has been able to transform farming in the area with the use of protected cultivation technology. Hundreds of farmers have benefited from the Israeli technology,” said Uri Rubinstein counsellor International Cooperation, (Mashav) Science and Technology. “The climate of Rajasthan is very conducive to pomegranate cultivation. Maharashtra was a disaster as the plant needs heat and sun. We will start with a good nursery and provide healthy saplings to the farmers,” said Rubinsten.

In addition to Bassi, a centre dedicated for citrus is in the works in Kota, and in Jaislamer Israeli experts are working together with local counterparts on prototypes of palm trees, with an aim to develop a date growing industry in the state. In addition to these government initiatives, a private sector venture of Israeli olive plantations has started to bear fruit in various sites across the state.

In the next two years 27 to 28 Centres of Excellence have been planned in India. Among them three will be in Rajasthan.” The technologies to be transferred include irrigation, soil solarisation for disease control in plants, poly-house farming, fertilizers’, hybrid plants and seeds. The centres would be for citrus fruits in Kota, pomegranate in Bassi and dry dates in Jaisalmer.

During his visit to Jaipur, Ushpiz also met governor Margaret Alva, minister of agriculture Harji Ram Burdak, and minister of revenue and water resources Hemaram Choudhary.

Src: TOI

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