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‘I may be killed’ said Rahul in Churu rally

by RajasthanDirect
Oct 23, 2013

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said he too could be killed one day like his grandmother and father but he doesn’t care.

“Shayad mujhe bhi maar denge ek din. Koi pharak nahin padta (Probably I too will be murdered one day. But it doesn’t matter),” he said at a rally in Churu district of Rajasthan.

Rahul Gandhi also spoke how Beant Singh, one of the assassins of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, had tried to extract information about her security from him and even suggested how he should save himself during a grenade attack.

“Later, I learnt they had planned to kill her by throwing a grenade on Diwali,” he said. “This is the talk of heart I wanted to speak out,” Gandhi told an impressive gathering.

He started his speech telling them that his mother and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi had advised her to talk about his own stories instead of her. Rahul Gandhi has been often telling people about the pain, sorrows and sufferings of her mother, the latest being that she wanted to vote for the Food Security Bill in the Lok Sabha instead of going to the hospital.

“But my mother said: ‘Why I spoke about her? I should be talking about my stories’.”

He started by saying that he was reminded of his grandmother when he was told that his father came to Churu on October 31, 1987, though he had actually come to the place in August. “I knew he would not have come on October 31 because my grandmother was killed that day…”

From here, Rahul Gandhi picked up his equation with his grandmother. He spoke how she would protect him from his father’s strict rules and let him throw away spinach by hiding him behind a newspaper she would pretend to read. He said he spoke against the BJP’s alleged effort to create a divide between Hindus and Muslims or one person against another. “Why I never told you. Now I’ll tell you the inside story,” he said. Then he recalled how Indira Gandhi’s assassins were his close friends who taught him how to play badminton.

“My friends,” he referred to the two assassins who were Indira Gandhi’s guards. Rahul Gandhi said it took him 10-15 years before he could get out of deep anger against them. “The Sikh brothers sitting here know what happened after that,” he said in an apparent reference to the anti-Sikh riots. “But what happened to me? I lost my grandmother.” He also said he did not like to study and was looking outside his classroom when he was asked to go home the day his grandmother was assassinated on October 31, 1984.

“The pain that I suffered that day and then when I lost my father, I know and I understand. As if someone has ripped my chest apart,” he said. He gave explicit details of how he saw blood of his grandmother and of his friends at the site of the firing. Later, he referred to the riots in Muzafarnagar and said hatred was created in minds of people by politicians. “I could feel my story in their pain and hurt,” he said. “After Indira’s assassination, there was only anger all around. Today, that anger has disappeared from the minds of our Sikh brothers. It takes minutes to start anger but years to get rid off it,” he said.

That is why, he was against the BJP, he said.

“They can set fire in UP, Gujarat, Kashmir and we have to hold the hands of the victims,” he said. This leads to more anger and then the country suffers, he said before shifting the focus of speech to Rajasthan and his favourite theme, the poor.

He said the Congress would definitely continue to play politics for the poor.

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