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First private court in Rajasthan to start from next week

by RajasthanDirect
Jan 08, 2014

Rajasthan state legal system has open its hands for adaption of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism. In similar step, a private court would start functioning from Monday in Rajasthan.

This private court will entertain matters agreed by parties to be resolved through arbitration and its decisions will be as legally recognizable and maintainable as those of regular courts, director of the court Sudarshan Gupta said.

All such matters, which have the possibility to be resolved through arbitration with the mutual agreement in the litigants, will be resolved here within 120 days, he said.

“Specially long pending civil matters, will be resolved here through arbitration, wherein the retired judges of high court and supreme court will provide their services apart from the legal experts.

“Generally, all disputes which can be decided by civil court, can be arbitrated in this Private Court for Arbitration, where the litigants will have the facilities of arbitration in professional manner and that too at much less the expenditure as compared to the regular courts,” said Gupta.

The concept of ADR has found its origin from the high pendency of the cases in different courts on account of shortfall of the judges and other staff in the courts, inadequate structure, inordinate adjournments, laxity on old pending matters and unreasonable delays caused by the long arguments by the advocates.

Gupta informed that the private arbitration is exempted from the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 or Indian Evidence Act 1872.

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Mahendra Says

I think ADR should be “must to have clause” in any divorce matte.

We know people make the law for people, but hatchy litigations like that of divorce matters is today been made a business by lawyers and judges…