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Dolchi Holi Celebrated in Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 18, 2014


Holi in Rajasthan is played in very special way , Dolchi Holi is one of which is celebrated in old traditional way in which people get drenched in water using age old traditional of water cans.

Holi played at Bikaner is unique as colors are not used during festivities. Confined to two castes, the event is marked by the participation of men only while women and children watch over from their houses.

“This is a 500 years old tradition. In Bikaner people belonging to Harsh and Vyas tribe play Holi by using Dolchi. The pressure of water is similar to that of water cannon”, said Shiv Kumar, an enthusiastic participant.

Legend has it that around 400 years ago two native castes of Bikaner- the Vyas and the Harsh’s had a dispute over the issue of food. Their successors decided to bury the hatchet and started this unique ‘Dolchi Holi’ as a means of reconciliation.

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