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Bharatpur got NCR status with Alwar metro

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 02, 2013

Bharatpur has been included in the National Capital Region (NCR) and a 180-km-long metro line connecting Alwar to Delhi via Gurgaon is also proposed to come up soon. A 33rd meeting of the NCR Planning Board under the chairmanship of Union Minister Kamal Nath gave approval to Jaipur being developed as a counter-magnet city. The concept aims growth at lightning speed in the city to stop migration of locals seeking job opportunities to Delhi and other NCR areas.

Following the decision, Jaipur is set to become a hub of business activities and industries offering best jobs opportunities to the youths in near future.

A 180-km rail route between Alwar and Delhi has been approved by the Board too. As per the proposal, the route will connect Alwar to Delhi via Gurgaon and Rewari. Over Rs32,000 crore will be spent on this route. The travel time will be faster as the line will be connected to the Metro under regional rail rapid system giving better transport facilities to the locals.

The state government with the help of the Union government will also develop Model Industrial Estates or Technology Parks or Special Economic Zones (SEZ) for attracting economic investments in Jaipur. Also, the real estate business is expected to shoot up with growing urbanisation. It will provide surety of economic growth with employment in and around urban and rural areas. To attract investment in the city the government will also need to develop facilitative infrastructure in terms of land, power, water, roads, rail and air connectivity that will facilitate the locals too.

The planning board has taken decision to include Bharatpur district in NCR. The move is likely to help set up industries here with domestic and foreign investments offering better job opportunities to the locals who migrate either to neighbouring cities in Uttar Pradesh or Jaipur.

After attending the meeting UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal said that inclusion of Bharatpur district in NCR will help develop 11 tehsils speedily. Similarly, state capital Jaipur would also start getting facilities like National Capital Delhi from the Union government with the Pink City getting counter magnet city status.

Keeping in view the industrial importance of Alwar district, approval in principle was given to the Rs285 crore drinking water projects for the seven towns of Alwar district.

The meeting was attended by Union urban housing and poverty eradication minister Girija Vyas, chief minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit and chief minister of Haryana Bhupinder Singh Hudda.

Counter-magnet city

The criteria for selecting counter- magnet town is that it should not be within 250 km of Delhi. It should have its own established roots and potential for growth. It should also not be a centre of either religious, strategic or environmental importance. Jaipur fulfils all the norms. This will also pave way for developing more SEZs in city.

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