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Adventurous journey of small town Dausa boy to Veera

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 04, 2013

Rahul Sharma who hails from small town of Dausa, Rajasthan now become a household name of Indian television audience. Destiny showered its blessings on this small town boy turned actor having chocolate boy good looks. But the actor, who plays Akash on Ek Ghar Banaunga, seems to love the attention he is getting these days. He thinks he is a “cute and adorable guy”, with whom every young Indian girl would love to fall in love with.

Rahul’s journey to becoming an actor started while he was preparing for MBA admissions a few years ago in Jaipur. Rahul came in contact with former supermodel Jesse Randhawa, who had organized a modelling workshop for aspiring models. “There are certain things in life that happen by chance. You don’t need to put in any extra effort for them. And that’s what happened with me,” says Rahul, as he recalls that meeting.

But making big on the small screen was not smooth sailing for Rahul. Like many others, Rahul too tasted the bitter taste of struggle in the early days. “There were days when nobody used to entertain me. It was a time when nothing seemed to be going right for me. Once I went to a production house, where the guard did not even allow me to enter the office. Looking at my face, he asked me to leave my portfolio pictures. The moment I left, I turned around and saw the guard dumping my pictures into a dustbin. I was in shock for a while,” he says. “I felt bad, but did not lose the hope. I continued visiting various production houses. And one fine day I got a call to play Veera in Ek Veera Ki Ardaas. The show was to take a leap of few years but due to some reasons leap was postponed for six months and I could not sign any other project as I had already signed the contract. Fortunately, I was relieved from the contract and then I got a call for Ek Ghar…. After 20 mock shoots, 20 look tests and 6 auditions, I was selected for the lead character,” says Rahul.

The on and off-screen chemistry between Rahul and his co-star Ishita Dutt aka Poonam has also become the talk of the town with the show’s success. “There is no chemistry as such. It’s just that we like each other. We have been spotted with each other a couple of times have been linked. But we’re just good friends and nothing more than that,” Rahul clarifies.

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