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Action against Manvendra Son Of Jaswant Singh By BJP

by RajasthanDirect
Apr 04, 2014

With the upcoming LS Elections BJP candidate Jaswant Singh had been expelled as he was fighting as independent leader because he did not get his choice of seat on which is is said that his son instead of promoting BJP party was campaigning for his father in Barmer.

Jaswant Singh, 76, is contesting as an independent candidate from Barmer after the BJP chose an import from Congress, Sonaram Chowdhury, as its candidate.

Sources say party workers have submitted “evidence” to their leaders against Manvendra, in the form of photographs and videos. Singh junior was reportedly also photographed in Jaswant Singh’s election office.

“Morally, he should have resigned from the BJP if he wanted to campaign for his father,” Rajasthan BJP chief Ashok Parnami told.Manvendra, 50, has taken a month’s leave from the party citing poor health. His wife and mother have reportedly been involved in Jaswant Singh’s campaign.

Manvendra, who was a journalist and has also been with the territorial army, won the Barmer seat in 2004. He had then defeated Sonaram Chowdhury, the current BJP candidate. He lost the parliamentary election in 2009, after which he contested and won in the Rajasthan assembly polls last year.

Src- http://www.ndtv.com/elections/article/election-2014/bjp-considers-action-against-jaswant-singh-s-son-manvendra-503870

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