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141 pilgrims return safe to Bundi

by RajasthanDirect
Jun 28, 2013

At least 141 out of 226 persons who had gone to Kedarnath from Bundi district have returned back safe. A total of 18 people returned on Thursday.

Prabhu lal Prajapat and Bajrang lal Meena who were a part of the sixteen devotees of Kherla village in Talera block reached their native place by a bus. They said, “We struggled for seven days without food and on the eighth day we got biscuit packets. We thought we are going to die”.

A team of more than half a dozen pilgrims returned back from Gagotri without going to Keadarnath. The team of Onprakash, Ramesh Chand, Satyanarayan and others said they had to end their journey in the Gangotri and come back.

Meanwhile, the BJP has started a campaign to collect money forth relief of Uttarakhand victims.

The BJP leaders moving around the city collected an amount of R 15,101 on the second day. The money was also collected at Hindoli and Keshorai Patan, Kapren etc. An amount of

R 11, 111 was also given by a newspaper group for Uttrakhand victims to the district collector of Bundi.

src: Hindustan Times

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