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Under RTE Jaipur Schools Are Making Fake Admission

by RajasthanDirect
Dec 12, 2012

In a shocking revelation, more than fifty percent of admissions made in the private schools in the city under RTE Act this year, have been found to be bogus. Physical verification conducted by the officials of education department exposed the shocking malpractice by schools who allegedly filled up seats for under privileged students using “fictitious names”.

The Right to Education Act makes it mandatory for all schools to reserve 25 per seats for students hailing from poor or economically weak families.

The education department, alarmed by the revelation, has now decided not to reimburse the fees of admissions that were found bogus. It will also initiate disciplinary action against the schools that resorted to this practice.

“The schools will not be reimbursed the fees for admissions, which were found incorrect. We are in the process of serving notices to them. If they do not comply with the norms and fail to fill up the seats with genuine candidates, we will cancel their recognition,” said District Education Officer (Elementary),  SC Meena.

According to an official of education department, a total of 23,088 students were admitted on reserved seats in about 2,900 schools of Jaipur district. Physical verification, however, found only 10,426 admissions to be true. The remaining 12,662 admissions shown by schools were found to be incorrect, the official said.

“It came as a surprise to us that more than half the admissions in schools were found to be incorrect during the verification,” SC Meena said.

On Tuesday, the issue was discussed at length during a meeting of all District Education officers (DEOs) held in Bikaner.

The exact number of private schools, where admissions were found to be bogus, is yet to be identified by the department officials. “We have not yet counted the number of schools, where student data has been fudged,” an official of the education department said. Inspection reveals 13,000 out of 23,000 student entries are bogus.

src: daily.bhaskar.com


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