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State Wide Protest By Rajasthan Congress Against Price Rise

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 09, 2014

Rajasthan Congress party will be holding a state wide protest against the recent increase in price rise and foos costs . Rajasthan Congress chief and former Union minister Sachin Pilot said the focus of the protest would be on rising prices of food as well as against hikes in railway and roadway fares.

Criticising the Centre, the former Union Minister said the new government is giving the same reasons, which when given by the previous UPA regime for rising prices and were rubbished by the BJP.

The protest would also be against increase in passenger fares in railways, increase in petrol and diesel prices, which have now been institutionalised, Pilot told PTI in an interview. “When we said that international crude prices determines our fuel prices, they said it is bad fiscal management and bad policy making… but today ministers are making the exact same reasons. I want the people to know that a political party can get away by speaking in a different voice while in Opposition and completely turn the tables when they are in government,” he said.

Src- http://ibnlive.in.com/news/rajasthan-congress-to-stage-statewide-protest-against-price-rise/484125-3-239.html

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