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Special trains on Urs between Ajmer and Chhapra

by RajasthanDirect
Apr 17, 2013

Anticipating heavy rush of passengers during the Urs of renowned Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti during May , railway administration has decided to ply a special train between Ajmer and Chhapra.

This special train having number 05103 will depart from Chhapra at about 8:30 pm and arrive at Siwan at 9:35 pm, Deoria Sadar at 10:35 pm, Gorakhpur at 00:05 am, Khalilabad at 00:55 am, Basti at 1:30 am, Gonda at 2:50 am, Barabanki at 5:05 am, Badshah Nagar at 5:35 am, Lucknow at 6:10 am, Kanpur at 7:55 am, Etawa at 10:25 am, Tundla at 11:48 am, Agra Fort at 12:45 pm, Bayana at 3:50 pm, Sawai Madhopur at 6:20 pm, Bansthali Niwai at 7:21 pm, Jaipur at 8:40 pm, Kishangarh at 10;20 pm, Madar at 11;05 pm and finally terminate at Ajmer at 11:55 pm.

During the return journey, the train will depart from Ajmer at 6:40 pm and arrive at Jaipur at 9:30 pm, Sawai Madhopur at 11:40 pm, Bayana at 1:50 am, Agra Fort at 3:25 am, Tundla at 4:28 am, Etawa at 5:38 am, Kanpur at 8:25 am, Lucknow at 10:10 am, Badshah Nagar at 11:00 am, Barabanki at 11:40 am, Gonda at 1:40 pm, Basti at 3:05 pm, Khalilabad at 4:15 pm, Gorakhpur at 5:30 pm, Deoria sadar at 6:35 pm, Siwan at 7:25 pm and finally terminate at Chhapra at 9:30 pm.

This train will depart from Chhapra end on May 15 and from Ajmer end on May 19. This train will comprise of one AC-III tier, twelve sleeper and eight general coaches.

In addition to this, railway administration has also decided to give temporary stoppages of train number 12179/12180 Agra-Lucknow Intercity Express and train number 12419/12420 Lucknow-Delhi Gomti Express at Roora station. Further, train number 12721/12722 Hazrat Nizamuddin Dakshin Express will be given stoppage at Datia station.

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