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Rajasthan University 120 Cases to Lok Adalat

by RajasthanDirect
Apr 07, 2014

The Rajasthan University had transfered 120 cases of the university from High Court to Lok Adalat since these cases were pending from 2006 and till now had not been solved or viewed.

Dev Swarup, vice-chancellor of the university, said, “The RU’s legal team is burdened with over 700 cases which require huge sums of money to handle such cases. We found that many of these cases are having fewer implications and are of nature which can be handled by Lok Adalats.”

Most of these cases were students related expressing their grievances; exams, results and few cases were on student protests. Swarup said these selected cases will be put up in the Lok Adalat on April 12. He added that quick redressal will also help in easing the financial burden.

Src- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/jaipur/Rajasthan-University-to-transfer-120-cases-to-Lok-Adalat/articleshow/33306464.cms

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