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Pakistan seeks information on Indian Army’s exercise in Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 07, 2015

One of the largest military exercises by the Indian Army in recent years has evoked sharp concern in the neighbourhood, with Pakistan raising questions on the scale and scope of the war game that would practice quick maneuvers by strike formations in the desert region.

While India had shared details of the ‘Winter Exercise’ that has commenced in Rajasthan this month as part of a mutually agreed protocol, sources told ET that Pakistan requested for additional details of the war game, with concerns emerging on the ‘intent’ of the wargame.

The Winter Exercise is the biggest wargame being conducted by the Army since the BJP government has come into power and involves over 35,000 soldiers, several hundred tanks and armoured vehicles and heavy artillery support.

The exercise is being undertaken by the Bhopal-based 21 Strike Corps, which has already placed a Brigade level force into the area with more elements being inducted this month before the culmination stage from December 5-10.

A ‘defensive corps’, which shall function as the holding formation for the strike corps exercise will shortly be moved into place from Jodhpur.

“We have informed them (Pakistan) about the exercise according to the procedure. It is as per the routine training and if there are concerns, they will be dealt with through the regular channels as well,” a senior Defence Ministry functionary told ET.

Source from : economictimes

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