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Nutritious food at Rs 20 or less in SMS hospital

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 25, 2013

Patients at the government-run Sawai Man Singh (SMS) hospital will now get nutritious food on the hospital premises as it has roped in Akshaya Patra for serving the meals to patients and their attendants at reasonable prices.

The menu will have sprouts, soups, juices and other nutritious food items during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“We have taken the decision to rope in Akshaya Patra so that patients and their attendants get food which is hygienic and also easily available to them. Now, they will not have to rush for food outside the hospital. We have already installed RO water machines in the hospital for drinking water and now as far as food is concerned, we have roped in Akshaya Patra, which will ensure nutritious and hygienic food supply in the hospital,” SMS hospital superintendent Dr Virendra Singh said.

Moreover, the hospital has appointed officials who would keep a check on the quality of food, which is being served to the patients and their attendants. The supply of food to the hospital started from Wednesday, when patients and their attendants bought food items on the hospital premises.

The food will be transported by vehicles in air-tight vessels from the Akshaya Patra kitchen, situated in Goner Road in Jagatpura.

Akshaya Patra president R Govind Dasa said, “Prices are not a problem. We will serve food items at reasonable rates. The food items will be nutritious and hygienic. We will supply idli, upma, poha, khichri at reasonable rates. The prices of no item would exceed to Rs 15. Poha and kichdi will come for Rs 12 each.”

He said breakfast would be served at 7am, lunch between 11am and 2pm and dinner between 6pm and 8pm. “The prices of lunch and dinner would be Rs 20 for one meal, which include rice, chapatti, dal and vegetables,” Dasa said.

“We prepare food in hygienic condition and we keep focus on nutrition as well. So, it will be good for patients and their attendants in the hospital,” he added.

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