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New hike in fares for autorickshaw in Jaipur

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 13, 2013

Bargaining for fares with autorickshaw drivers would end soon in Jaipur as the transport department has increased autorickshaw fares with a rider that a passenger should pay fare as per the meter reading.

For a long time, autorickshaw drivers have been demanding hike in fares and were not charging fare on meter readings. After the increase, a passenger will have to pay Rs 15 for the first kilometre travel. For each subsequent kilometer, the fare would be Rs 9. “If a passenger travels in an autorickshaw up to one kilometre, then he will have to pay only Rs 15. After that, Rs 9 would be added for each subsequent kilometre,” Rajasthan transport commissioner O P Yadav said.

The decision on increase on fares was taken during meeting held on Friday in which transport department officials and autorickshaw union office bearers took part. The transport department claimed that the revised rates are likely to be implemented by next week.

Earlier, the state government had increased the fare and fixed it at Rs 14 per kilometre for the first kilometre and then Rs 9 for each subsequent kilometre. But the auto rickshaw drivers protested against the decision and refused to charge fares on meter readings.

In May, when the traffic police department started challaning autorickshaw drivers for not charging fare on meter readings, the autorickshaw drivers went on a strike. Following the strike, the transport department sent a proposal to the state government for increasing the fares.

“We are ready to charge fare on meter readings after we receive the rate list from the state government,” Kuldeep Singh, treasurer of the trade union ‘Autorickshaw Chalak Sangarsh Samiti, said.

The autorickshaw drivers would charge 50 paisa per minute as waiting charge; it was earlier 30 paisa per minute. Moreover, they will also charge for luggage having weight over 10 kg.

At present, passengers have to bargain for autorickshaw fares, and if the autorickshaws charge fare as per the meter reading, it would give a relief to the passengers.

src: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-07-13/jaipur/40553170_1_autorickshaw-fares-autorickshaw-drivers-auto-fares

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Aryan Says

Raising prices still won’t help the fact that you have to beg them to take you soemehwre. When I think of richshaw guys, I can only think of nodding heads!There was a time when they used to ask us “Where would you like to go?”. Now its us asking them “Where are you going? Can we come …and we’ll even pay you ..please please please…?”.