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More than 40,300 seats vacant in Rajasthan technical colleges

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 03, 2013

In a major setback to technical education in the state, more than 40,300 seats are lying vacant in engineering colleges after the first round of counselling. According to the board of technical education (BTE), out of 61,000 seats available, only 20,700 students have appeared in the first counselling that got over on Saturday.

The situation in management colleges is equally poor with only 1,050 students turning up for counselling against 7,500 seats in 90 colleges.

Nearly 60,000 students were declared eligible for admission in 61,000 seats available at 134 engineering colleges in the state. Many eligible candidates have given a miss to the counselling sessions in the colleges affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University (RTU).

“Only, 20,700 students appeared for counseling till the last date. In terms of percentage, this year the figure is the lowest,” S K Singh, coordinator of BTE, Jodhpur, said. The sorry state-of-affairs doesn’t stop here. Almost half-a-dozen colleges have not received a single student during counselling. Another 10 colleges have not touched double digits against the bare minimum of 420 students in each college.

Of the 134 engineering colleges, it is likely that 20-30 colleges will declare a ‘zero session’, while transferring their students to other colleges. The figure will further dip as the results of joint entrance exam for 30 National Institutes of Technology (NITs) will be announced on July 7. A few hundred students are likely to be selected to NITs.

This year, nine engineering colleges were closed and four new colleges, run by established brands, begin their maiden journey. The poor response has created job insecurity for hundreds of teachers and administrative staff in technical colleges.

The major reason for this setback is the poor response from neighbouring states. This year, only 1,300 students from outside the state have applied in Rajasthan’s colleges against the highest figure of 12,000 in 2009.

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