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More Indian Mujahideen arrested with about 73 bombs seized

by RajasthanDirect
Mar 26, 2014

Recently Indian Mujahideen were arrested from Rajasthan state which were to make a terrorist attacks in India in LS elections . Rajasthan Police recently have seizzed about 73 live bombs from Waqar Azhar, Mohammad Mahroof and Saquib Ansari.

Three IM suspects were arrested on a tip-off given by pakistani national Waqas alias Zia-ur-Rehman, who was nabbed from Ajmer Railway Station a day earlier. Azhar and Mahroof are engineering students while Ansari is a computer expert. Ali is pursuing Masters in science from Rajasthan.

Sources said that they were waiting for the command of there leader from Pakistan for the attack.


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