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Milk bank acts as a boon for premature babies in Rajasthan

by RajasthanDirect
Apr 25, 2013

In Udaipur, Bhuri Devi’s 28-day-old son is fighting a battle of life and death at the government-run Panna Dhai Hospital. The doctors had made an unusual prescription for the child-mother’s milk. However, since Devi had delivered the child prematurely, she is not lactating. It was at this juncture that the recently-opened Divya Mothers Milk Bank (DMMB) came to her help. They provided the milk donated by mothers from across the state.

“The infant is in the neonatal ICU as he is suffering from septicemia. His weight is just 1.5kg. We have prescribed milk from the milk bank as his mother is not lactating due to premature delivery,” said Dr Devendra Sarin, who is treating the child.

“The milk bank will be beneficial for infants in the long run. Its success will depend on the availability of milk at the bank as an infant requires mother’s milk regularly for his complete growth,” said Dr Suresh Goyal, head of pediatrics in the hospital.

According to hospital sources, there are more children in the line but providing them with mother’s milk depends on the availability. So far, 2.2 litres of milk has been collected, donated by 16 women, since the milk bank was inaugurated by health minister AA Khan on April 14.

The milk bank was opened with the support of an NGO called Maa Bhagwati vikas sansthan. Devendra Agarwal, founder of the NGO, said, “Women are coming to the bank to donate milk, which is a good sign. They are taking their part in the noble cause.”

Manisha Vaid, a milk donor, said: “What else could be more pleasing for a person than saving the life of an infant? Donating milk is just like donating blood.”

The milk bank provides milk for an infant only when the treating doctor prescribes it. The milk bank also takes the consent of the parents before giving the milk to the infant.

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