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Jaipur rock lovers enjoy rock band Parikrama

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 16, 2013

Rock band Parikrama entertains Jaipur audience with their top chartbusters like Vapour Eyes, Open Skies and Whisky Blues at their recent concert.

They took to the stage at a rooftop eatery as part of the Jaipur leg of their all-India tour. The tour marks 22 years of Parikrama as a band, and they have already performed in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune, before coming to Jaipur.

The band’s members Nitin Malik, Subir Malik, Gaurav Balani, Srijan Mahajan and Sonam Sherpa delighted the rock lovers with their musical treat. “We have played in the city several times, but this dimly lit ambience on the roof top is completely a different experience for us,” shared Sonam, the lead guitarist, after the show.

The performers seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the enthusiastic audience, who clapped and cheered and tapped their feet with the rhythm. Experiencing the magnificence of the city from the rooftop of the seventh floor building, and accompanied by live music, the listeners had a magical evening.

It’s not just about having a sweet tooth, but if you are visiting the Pink City, your visit is incomplete if you have not relished the traditional sweet ghewar. And that’s what all the band members Nitin, Subir, Gaurav and Srijan make sure each time they visit Jaipur. And before hitting the stage this time, they had a sweet encounter with the mithai, that too in ample quantity. “It’s been quite long since we fell in love with this mithai. And we always love to gorge on ghewar from the oldest mithai shop in the walled city. I love the one topped with layers of malai,” shares organist Subir.

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