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Jaipur done far better in admissions through RTE

by RajasthanDirect
Feb 18, 2013

Since RTE (Right To Education) Act -2009 it has always been confusing if few states are really following the rules of RTE act, and if the schools in state were undertaking RTE quota of 25% in every schools during admissions. Well, here is a revealed result about Jaipur.

Yes, Jaipur has done it. It has a promising result till now. The district education officer has released the figures based on their admissions under RTE. These figures came after education department completed re-verification of the reimbursements application by schools on account of admission under RTE Act.

As per the report released by the Education officer, around 16,446 students were admitted by 2500 schools under this act in the academic session 2012.

The officers of the District education had compiled a list of 23000 students reportedly admitted by 2500 schools under RTE in the City for the 2012 academic year. Well, Jaipur is now a leading city when it considers the admissions under RTE Act.

What about other major cities? Is not yet answered. Initially, education authorities had rejected nearing 90% of applications for not fulfilling the criteria set by them, leaving majority of schools glowing. The government has now decided to pay nearing Rs.7500 per child admitted under RTE Act.

The district education officer, SC Meena said “The office has breathlessly pursued the schools to co-operate with us. Majority of them co-operated while for others we used powers assigned to us for act’s implementation and reimbursement of amount will be done by the end of February, 2013.

However, as per the RTE Act 2009, the reimbursement amount should not be equal to the money being spent by government on every child. It is estimated that schools admitting students under the RTE Act will receive a sum of Rs. 10,000 as reimbursement per annum on every child.

src: http://education.oneindia.in/news/2013/02/18/jaipur-s-promising-result-in-admission-under-rte-004033.html


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