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Exports Rises 33% In Rajasthan During 2011-12

by RajasthanDirect
Jan 02, 2013

Rajasthan registered a 33% rise in exports in the financial year 2011-12 and maintained its 10 th position in the country. The official figures released by the department of industry show marginal growth in almost each sector but a mushrooming rise in agro products.

With Rs 23,753 crore in the year 2010-11 exports from the state reached Rs 32,749 crore in 2011-12, an increase of Rs 8,996 crore in a year. The major contributor behind the sharp increase has been the rise in exports of agro and food products, marble and stones and chemicals from the state.

The agro category witnessed an exemplary growth of 73%. In the year 2010-11 it was just Rs 2,869 but reached Rs 10,785.38 crore in 2011-12. The escalation was largely ridden on Guar gum, which was also the single biggest export from Rajasthan in the last financial year. Out of the total exports in the category its contribution was Rs 10,316 crore.

“We have registered a significant rise in almost each sector. The growth looks good when you look at the prevailing situation outside where demand is sluggish. We are yet to achieve our threshold and therefore more possibilities to increase our tally. With many units setting up their plants in the state, exports will increase in subsequent years” said Rajendra Pareek, industry minister.

However, the government officials are concerned and wary of the growth. “Certainly there is a rise in total exports but there are many rea sons to worry about. Growth triggered because of a single item, in this case guar gum can’t be termed as positive,” said the senior official.

Other sector which has preformed remarkably well in exports is chemical and allied services. The category registered 62% increase and total exports reached Rs 2,743 compared to Rs 1,347 last year. The sector has been recording a consistent growth for past six years and generating revenues of almost Rs 1,000 crore since 2005.

Textiles industry witnessed a rise of Rs 902 crore in exports. However, experts believes that this sector has more potential than what figure suggests. With a whopping rise of almost 50% in marble, granite and dimension stones category have registered its biggest growth in the last one decade. In fact, Rajasthan is fast becoming a major hub for export of marble and granite in the state. Unlike previous years, gems and jewellery category grew only marginally. The biggest disappointment came from dip in exports in mineral fuels.

src: TOI


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