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Emus group land up in Rajasthan village

by RajasthanDirect
Jul 06, 2013

Residents of Baroni village in Tonk district were in for a surprise on Friday morning when a group of emus, the flightless bird of Australia, was spotted on the Tonk highway.

Locals informed the cops who in turn roped in the forest department officials to catch the birds. A senior forest officer said, “A total of 10 emu birds were spotted in the area.” One bird was found dead and two others injured. “The injured birds are being provided treatment,” the officer said, adding they will soon be moved to the Jaipur zoo.

Forest officials claimed it is the first time they have spotted emus in the area but are clueless as to how the flightless bird landed in the village.

Emu farming is generally done in India for the bird’s meat and eggs.

src: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-07-06/flora-fauna/40406613_1_emus-rajasthan-village-flightless-bird

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