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About 50% of Rajasthan candidates Class XII or below

by RajasthanDirect
Nov 25, 2013

Rajasthan Election Watch (REW) in association with the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) analyses that out of 733 candidates examined only 50% are graduates or have higher degrees while other 49% have qualifications of class 12th pass and below.

REW have analysed candidates from all the major political parties and outgoing independent MLAs. A total of 2,087 candidates have filed their nominations and REW have taken up 733 candidates for the analysis.

Only 14 of contestants have doctorate degree while 116 candidates are post graduates. BJP has 49 candidates who received education up to 10th standard or less. For Congress this figure is 47. Both parties have equal number of contestants (6) who are PhD scholars.

In the research, REW found that the ratio of candidates who are graduates and those who are just 12th pass are almost equal. However, 51% of the candidates have declared their age to be between 25 and 50 years. Only two octogenarian contestants are running for the election while 36 candidates are between 70 and 80 years. BJP has the highest, seven candidates with age above 75, while Congress has three. One of the candidates from SP has no knowledge of his exact age.

The gender disparity in fielding women candidates was evident in this election too. Out of 199 candidates, Congress has given tickets to only 23 women and the figures are not encouraging too for BJP which has fielded only 26 women. BSP, led by a woman politician, Mayawati, nominated only nine female candidates. The party is fighting on 190 seats in the state. Two women are contesting as an Independents.

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