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Aan Ban Shaan of Rajasthan, Ram Singh Chauhan long moustache

by RajasthanDirect
Oct 29, 2013

Ram Singh Chauhan, 58, is the proud owner of the world’s longest moustache – at an astonishing 14 feet long. Chauhan, who hails from the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan state, India, says his whiskers are his ‘most prized possession’. He has spent an incredible 32 years cultivating the tash – which he spends two hours a day grooming.Ram Singh Chauhan Long Moustache

Chauhan, whose facial fur has even landed him a part in the James Bond movie ‘Octopussy’, said: ‘Growing a moustache is like taking care of a baby – you really need to nurture it. ‘It has taken me a long, long time to get it to 14 feet. It’s not been an easy task.’ Chauhan started growing his moustache during his late teens.

‘I haven’t used a shaving blade on my moustache, or trimmed them since 1970,’ he said. ‘The moustache is the symbol of pride and respect. In ancient India, a moustache meant everything.

‘It is priceless. It’s a man thing.’ Chauhan, whose feat has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records, is still cultivating his tash, but its growth has slowed drastically in recent years. But despite a number of contenders to his title, no others have come close to the mark.

He said: ‘When I first started to grow my moustache, I did not intend to break any record. Moustaches have been a part of Rajasthani and Indian culture for centuries. This is an age-old tradition. ‘We are Rajputs. It’s a common practice to sport a moustache in our clan. My father also sported a flowing one. Now my son has also started growing his.’

However, Chauhan’s moustache has seen him travel the world showing it off – including trips to Italy and Germany. Closer to home, he was the brand ambassador for the Rajasthan tourism department for over 30 years. A major part of his job was to show off his flowing moustache at tourist destinations.

Chauhan said: ‘Whenever I go out to the market or anywhere else, I become the centre of attention. People look at me in complete awe. They ask me all sorts of questions.’ A few years ago, Chauhan was also invited to the famed German Beard and Moustache Club. ‘They gave me lot of respect. They loved my moustache. Many said they had never seen something like this before,’ boasts Chauhan. ‘I have even done a show on the India-Pakistan border. It was like reuniting both sides.’

Chauhan has also been cast in Hollywood movies and half a dozen Bollywood films. He says taking care of his long flowing moustache is a tedious task, spending hours each week grooming his beloved whiskers.

He said: ‘Once I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is to massage my moustache using coconut, olive or almond oil. ‘I do not use a shampoo or soap, just herbals. Then, I comb them and neatly roll them up. This is the daily routine.

‘Once a week, I do other treatments too. But all of them are natural methods. I never use commercial products.’ Chauhan says he wishes the younger generations would carry on India’s historic love affair with the moustache. He said: ‘This is the time of the clean-shaven youngsters, everywhere you look young people are without moustaches. ‘It is nice to grow a moustache. It is the symbol of manhood. I would want to see every youngster grow a moustache.’

He also adds that he wants an Indian to break his record. ‘Records are meant to be broken. If at all my record for longest moustache is broken, I would want and an Indian to break it,’ he remarks.

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