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20,000 km of state highways in Next 5 years

by RajasthanDirect
Aug 04, 2014

Rajasthan Government have finally took a great step in development of the roads in the state in which they have announced the budget for 20,000 km of state highways over the next five years through public-private partnership mode.

“This is by far the most ambitious highways programme taken up by any state in the country,” claimed Public Works Department Minister Yunus Khan.”It is a model law which will help in making Rajasthan a model state in road development,” he said.

The authority will be a much improved version of the National Highways Authority of India as it will have more comprehensive functions and powers to build and operate the state highways.

Another unique feature is the introduction of a control zone comprising a strip of 100 metres width along the road. While no construction will be allowed within 25 metres of the road boundary, development in the remaining 75 metres will be permitted as per rules to be made by the state government.

Under the new law, the State Highways Authority will have power to regulate the traffic and take other measures to improve safety and ensure smooth flow of traffic on the highways.The law requires the State Highways Authority to act on business principles. This will reduce the financial burden on road users and the government

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